Thursday, April 23, 2009

Symbian Foundation Ports S60 Operating System to Intel Atom Platform.

The base of Symbian, a consortium of industry which develops various versions of Symbian of the operating system with an aim to create a more competing open-source of the operating system, indicated that she had managed to put in S60 communication of the operating system to the platform of atom of Intel. Potentially, this makes it possible the atom to actuate the smartphones and other mobile devices of Internet (MIDS) actuated by S60.

The types intelligent and able in the team of SOSCO (S60 on operations of customer of Symbian) have Symbian to compile via the GCC and to function now on a mother chart based by atom available immediately of Intel. It would be most interesting particularly to see of which level of interest we can produce in this port, if that includes some important associates wanting to enter and invest in the development of a solution of product, and one which makes it possible some diff�rentiateurs to come for launching on the market for consumers,� said Lee Williams, executive director of the base of Symbian.

The head of the base of Symbian claims that it did not seem reasonable to fold up netbooks or other types of GCV with platform of S60 + of atom. However, the mobile suppliers of technology could as well as develop the very new category of the products actuated by Symbian OS the processor of atom of Intel.

It is dubious if the platform of Symbian S60 needs really microprocessor x86. The software developed for S60 is the processors concerned of ARM and takes into account their constraints of execution. It is not very probable that any manufacturer of software will develop programs for one or two devices on the market actuated by Intel Atom. Nevertheless, the head of the base of Symbian claims that even the interface of S60 functions better on the atom.

I was more impressed answer of the UI and application layers higher, and could only smile when we could employ a wearing of band quickly short distance to make a call,� Mr. Williams said.

Earlier this year Nokia, the largest defender of Symbian, indicated that it was interested to make netbooks.

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