Thursday, April 23, 2009

Intel to Release Six-Core Chips for Desktops in a Year

One projects that Intel Corp. release its first microprocessors of six-core for desktop machines in the second quarters of 2010, almost two years after the company began forwardings of the pieces of six-core for the waiters x86 at end high.

The processors of Intel Gulftown - which will be lower-in compatible with infrastructure LGA1366 - will have six physical cores with, thus, able licence by technology of Hyper-Threading to treat to twelve wire at the same time. According to a news-history by the Web site of HKEPC, which quotes manufacturers of mainboard, the processors called of Gulftown made using transformer technology 32nm, will be launched in Q2 2010, one year as of now.

The piece of Gulftown belongs to the family of Westmere of the microprocessors which have some microarchitectural advantages compared to the currently available processors of the core i7 which belong to the family of Nehalem. Gulftown will significantly amplify the execution of the microprocessors while remaining in the same thermal envelope of 130W.

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