Thursday, April 23, 2009

Intel, AMD still rivals

Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) recently launched a new line of the pieces of waiter and of consumer, the most revolutionary processors of waiter since Pentium there calls them is of pro almost 15 years.

Xeon 5500 series erases pieces of Xeon of precedent-generation in almost each reference mark which you throw to it.

Is the war of processor finished thus? Did Intel gain? Not, and not yet.

Advanced Micro Devices is to the bottom at present, but hardly outside.

It directed speed races clearly recently, concentrating more on products of graphs. And him 's working with its own pieces of the second generation, which will be produced with financial fresh bottoms by its arm of manufacture recently turn-with far.

While waiting, AMD can cling to some markets of place where it always shows the muscle, such as systems of monster of eight-processor and waiters bottom-of-the-range.

Especially, him 's not really a battle head with head at present.

The whole market of piece is thus beaten downwards by this recession and the reductions by resulting from budget of technology that you can think at Intel and AMD like rivals wedged in the same boat.

It seems more the reasonable one to try to raise the back all the market lost instead of the massacre above some points of market share.

He 'time of S to make a larger meat pie. Fights above the sections later.

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