Monday, April 20, 2009

Intel Delays Launch of New Atom CPUs

The two nearest novel members with the family of atom of Intel will be held behind of the release by two or three weeks. Just last week we learned that Intel will release soon two new central processing units of treatment of atom of Intel--Z550 and Z515. Maintaining the manufacturers mobile of device of Internet indicated that Digitimes that Intel gave the launching of the two new pieces until mid-April.While a delay of Juste two or three weeks could not resemble much to the consumers, originators of system will have Re-to juggle their plans with during a new launch date. Up to now, however, no system based on the new pieces was announced, because they are envelope with Intel.Of always below the two new pieces brought back to launch soon, is aimed at the high-end while the other is for more modest applications. The offer at end high will be Z550, which will bring the frequency of clock of core to 2.0 gigahertz. It will maintain the same characteristics of power as the 1.86 Z540 gigahertz, giving of this fact more execution by Watt. The second new atom supposedly to be released is Z515, which is awaited to have a TDP of 0.65W with 1.4W, according to the mode, making him a good candidate for the MIDS. The piece is to incorporate what is called the technology of glare of execution of Intel, which can put the piece at 800 megahertz or 1.2 GHz.Hopefully the introduction of the new pieces of atom will provide a little more variety to the market of netbook which is ordered by the model of 1.6 gigahertz.

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