Thursday, April 23, 2009

Intel launches new chip logos, rating system

Intel improved its system badging and of estimate of processor. The consumers are the main target, although the economic systems obtain new badging too.

The new badges include an accent of the matrix (the piece without the packing) in the corner higher right, a principal mark ahead (for example, core ), and the modifier (for example, i7 ).

Intel also instituted a star system which evaluates pieces of five stars (best execution in the class) to a star (lowest execution). Ainsi when a consumer enters a better store of purchase than they can distinguish between Centrino, core, Celeron, dig duet 2, dig quadruple 2, spokesperson says Bill Calder from Intel.

It can be a little easier said that made, however. Some consumers (but not including/understanding intuitive technology Giampaolo, naturally) will need always the assistance of the person sales to decipher badging. A challenge intimidating in the case of the laptops of the consumer, which are typically plastered with an incongruous mixture of the stickers unit of piece of Intel, Nvidia, from Advanced Micro Devices, AMD 'of S ATI of graphs, and other companies.

Intel is in the course of displacement with has with, rather aggressive of plan of simplification of mark Calder said. When we launched the core i7, we said ourselves 'about displacement to a simple primary mark of customer, who is core. We 'about displacement this, of direction it said.

The processor of atom will not obtain a modifier. In the future, the processor of waiter of Nehalem, currently only marked like Xeon with a suffix of letter and number, can also obtain new hot marking to make to him more easily identifiable as an element of the architecture of Nehalem like his/her child of same parents of office the core i7, Calder indicated.


The new badges of processor of Intel with die accents

(Credit: Intel)

 Intel  's

Intel 'new system of estimate of star of S

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