Thursday, April 23, 2009

Intel Quietly Rolls Out Star Rating for Its Microprocessors.

Intel Corp. a new estimate of five stars for its microprocessors revealed which is conceived to simplify a choice of the microprocessors for users. Unfortunately for Intel, the new estimate of five stars still does not provide to consumers information distinct on the execution from the pieces and to promote thus confuses the choice.

Of the estimates of processor of Intel are conceived to easily help you to decide which processor is the best for your needs. Seek just stars beside the badges of processor to determine their various levels of capacity for treatment,� reads an explanation to the Web site of the company.

However, actually the estimate of star imitates the numbers of the type of the processor of Intel which represent a combination of execution, power of devices and other characteristics. Each processor is assigned between one and five stars according to a combination of the devices, including cores, clock-speed, the hiding-place, and other technologies. More stars indicate larger devices and increased possibilities compared with other processors of Intel.

Consequently, the five stars always evaluating does not provide any information relating to the computing power of the central processing units of treatment: for example, Intel dig the estimate four stars of 2 devices of the duet E8000-series, while Intel dig 2 that the quadruple Q8000-series has only three stars. Moreover, of the very reduced microprocessors of tension for the books ultra-transportables - Intel dig 2 the duet SU9000-series - are arranged five stars, on line with core 2 extreme and Intel dig 2 pieces of mobile of quadruple.

While the estimate of five stars is easy to include/understand by the inexperienced purchasers, it will not make it possible customers with knowledge to choose the good combination of the execution, the power and other characteristics of the microprocessors. Consequently, the reasons of its execution are not exactly clear.

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