Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lead-Free Microprocessors Planned By Intel

In second half of 2007, Intel want the transition to it to the 'production from S 45nm Safety-K, which will produce the microprocessors without lead, such as the duet of Intel Core2, the quadruple of core 2 and Xeon.

. Fil is employed in a series of packages micro-electronics and the bumps which attacha piece of Intel to the packages. The packages roll up around the piece and finally connect it to the mother chart. Various types of packages are employed for processors aimed to the specific market segments, including mobile, the desktop machine and the waiter. The designs of package include the line of grid of pin, the line of grid of ball and the line of ground grid, and all are of 100 percent of without lead at Intel 'generation of technology of S 45nm Safety-K. In 2008, the company also transition its products from the tiddlywinks 65nm to 100 percent of technology without lead. Intel of the 'processors of S 45nm not only are without lead, they also make use of the technology of company 'of silicon of S Safety-K for the reduced escape of transistor, allowing processors more ideal efficiency and more high output. .

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