Thursday, April 23, 2009

Intel simplifies processors with star ratings

Intel presented a new system of estimate of star to help of the customers to identify which processor is appropriate the most to their needs.

Each processor is assigned between one and five stars, according to a combination of the devices such as the number of cores, speed (gigahertz) and size of hiding-place. More stars indicates a greater number of devices and increased possibilities, compared with the other Intel of the processors.

The system of estimate will help of the purchasers to differentiate between the models from piece in a particular range as well as to indicate the general differences between the ranges of processor such as the core i7 and core 2. However, the system of estimate five stars has a straw. Because of new processors are presented, the old men will slip in bottom of the scale. It is currently not very clear as for the way in which Intel will handle this situation when it emerges. At the end of September 2009, when it is programmed to announce its newer processors, the company is dependent to cause much more confusion.

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