Sunday, April 26, 2009

Intel Micro Processors

The industry of memory became completely tedious during these last years since the introduction of technology DDR2. There really were nothing of nine and exciting to announce during a completely certain hour, and now that AMD and Intel are both using technology DDR2, the memory became more plain. On traditional market DDR2-533 and even 667 of execution are now obsolete, with DDR2-800 becoming the new standard. While DDR2-667 functions well with processors of AMD, the new race of the microprocessors of Intel appreciates the bandwidths slightly larger of memory provided by memory DDR2-800.

The majority of the modules of memory DDR2-800 are in fact right old flat modules DDR2-667 with synchronizations slightly weaker and more tension. Add enough tension and some of the modules more high-quality struck DDR2-1067 and over there. Unfortunately, this high-speed memory DDR2 did not come cheap, with the calculation of the costs of much of kits 2GB above $500. The problem is these ultra modules at end high of memory are far from being solutions of good value. These top of the line kits of memory is purely a luxury and those seeking a decent blow for your option of male will not give even to these modules a glance.

The other problem is right about each principal manufacturer of module of memory, and there is more than one half-dozen of them, fight to differentiate their parts at end high. Nowadays any module of memory focused by execution will comprise a heatspreader and probably even a coloured chart, but not much offer users anything else. Behind in days, Mushkin developed the heatspreader which obtained identification to them, but maintaining each one the heatspreader employs. Much even tried to modify the heatspreader to create something more exciting, however to date where the heatspreader is more or less identical as it always was.

The corsair took the heatspreader and added the activity LED, which was a rather fresh idea, and while it does not do anything for the execution, of the modders of case became very excited about these modules. Little time after some other module of memory the manufacturers copied the activity LED, which to a certain extent declared that the corsair were successful with this idea. Since then there was no other development of the manufacturers of module of memory, limiting our choices to the brilliant heatspreaders with the twinkling lights. It was up to now, it would seem, like OCZ launches their news memory of edition of FlexXLC.

In conclusion, a manufacturer of module of memory proposed an idea which returns not to only to seem them modules of fresh memory, but the assistance also to run the cooler much. Support when heatspreaders for modules of memory in the beginning were conceived, more claimed they were a waste of time and did not do anything for the execution. They were in line pretty much of spot with their complaints, because the memory chips found on SDR older and modules of memory of GDR produced very small heat. In some manner that today, with modules functioning well above their conceived characteristics and demanding 2.4v+, heat becomes a serious problem for modules of memory.

This being the case, an idea which can eliminate this problem obviously will be a success. Recently the corsair released their �series of dominator�, who looked at just like their �pro series�, but instead of the lights of LED these dominator which the modules comprised of large ailerons conceived for a better effectiveness of cooling. Well, OCZ can have borrowed this idea for their memory of edition of FlexXLC, but they took certainly it on the next level. Today we have the first modules water-cooled of memory, brought to you by OCZ. Evaluated with PC2-9200 (DDR2-1150), they are also the fastest modules of memory available.

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