Thursday, April 23, 2009

Intel Launches New Processor Badges, Rating System

Santa Clara, Intel California-based recently released a series new and improved of badges and a system of estimate for its world-famous processors of computer. According to the world 'the leading vendor of processor of S, the new badges and the system of estimate are conceived so that consumers are equipped with better arrangement of the EC what each product is able. Basically, the users will be able to identify each one of Intel 'processor of S
the products and choose those which answer better their requirements for the execution and the evaluation. In spite to be directly aimed at the market of consumers, economic systems will benefit also from this new system badging and the new logos.

As you can see in the image, the new badges are praised that a piece die the accent which was placed in the corner higher right of the logo, was combined with a name of recognizable mark and the modifier. Starting from Intel 'the pieces of atom of S to the processors of the consumer of company 'of high-execution of S up to now, the central processing units of treatment of the core i7, all the products of Intel will be recognizable by the new badges which will be fixed at each portable PC or of office, granted they are actuated by Intel 'technology of S.

Intel 'new system of estimate of S
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According to Bill Calder, a spokesperson of Intel, in a recent news-article on Hundred, the new system of badge was designed so that, when a user of computer enters a better store of purchase, �they can distinguish Centrino, core, Celeron, digs duet 2, digs quadruple 2.�

Currently, Intel 'line of product of S includes the following distinguishable marks: Pentium, Celeron, Centrino, vPro Centrino 2, vPro of Centrino de Centrino 2, dig the vPro 2, dig duet 2, dig quadruple 2, dig the end of end 2, the atom, the core i7 and the core i7. All these marks are designed for a different market segment, covering all two Intel 'the portable lines and of office of S of the consumer.

The company says that him 's currently undergoing a process of simplification of mark, moving all its products with a name of more recognizable mark, namely core, with various modifiers.

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