Sunday, April 26, 2009

Improvements over i486

  • Structure of Superscalar - Pentium has two datapaths (drains) which enables him to achieve more than one instruction by rate/rhythm. A pipe (called �U�) can handle any instruction, whereas the other (called �V�) can handle simplest, the majority of the common instructions. The use of more than one drain is a typical characteristic of the designs of processors of RISC, the first of to be much applied on the platform x86, of this fact announcing the road to take, and proving that it was possible to amalgamate two technologies, creating the �hybrid� processors almost.
  • circulation of data 64-bit - this doubles the quantity of information drawn from the memory on each effort. This does not mean that Pentium can carry out 64-bit applications; its principal registers are always 32 bits with far.
  • Instructions MX (posterior models only) - that an overall basic prolongation of instruction of SIMD conceived for the use in applications of multi-media.

The pieces of architecture of Pentium offered right under twice the execution of a processor 486 per rate/rhythm. The fastest Intel 486 shares was almost same speed like Pentium of first generation, and the AMD Am5�86 was harshly equal to Pentium 75.

Series of Pentium (the� traditional one �) were conceived to function with more than 100 million instructions a second (MIPS), with the model operation of 75 megahertz with 126.5 MIPS.

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