Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Intel 8008

Intel 8008 was a first microprocessor designed and built by Intel and presented in April 1972. The 8008,1201 in the beginning called, the beginning was commissioned by company of computer terminal for the use in its programmable terminal of Datapoint 2200, but because the piece was delivered late and did not achieve the goals of the execution of the CTC, the piece was not employed in the 2200. An agreement between Intel and the CTC made it possible at Intel to launch the piece to other customers.

Applied in PMOS of 10.m silicon-carries, the initial versions of the 8008 functioned with 0.5 megahertz, later increased into 8008-1 to 0.8 megahertz. While few slower in terms instructions a second (45.000 100.000) [1] that 4 the bit Intel 4004 and Intel 4040, the fact that the 8008 treated data eight bits at the same time and could reach the RAM appreciably more really gave him 3 to 4 times the true capacity for treatment of the 4 pieces of bit.

The whole of instruction of the 8008 and the central processing units of treatment following of Intel CISC were strongly based on the design of the CTC.

The piece (limited by its IMMERSION of 18 terminals packing up) had a simple bus with 8 bits and required a significant quantity of external logic of support. For example, the address of the bit 14, which could reach �16 K X 8 bits of memory� [1], had to be locked by part of this logic in an external address register of memory (MARCH). The 8008 could reach 8 input ports and 24 ports of output.

For the controller and the final use of tube it was an acceptable design, but it was too difficult to employ for the majority of the other tasks. Some first designs of computer were based on him, but the majority would employ Intel late and in the place considerably improved 8080.

Family 8008 also indicated under the name of the MCS-8.
Next which is Intel 8080 (and the last for this post because I know half of you would have already lost the interest and even the people who could have been interested would give up also soon) was a very significant model in the line of Intel. It is an article which was majorly published for not filling the whole loads of the refuse.

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