Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nvidia announces GeForce 7-Series motherboard GPUs for Intel processor-based PCs


With the introduction of the treatment units of graphs of mother chart of GeForce 7-Series for the GCV processor-based by Intel, Nvidia made graphs of GeForce more accessible and accessible than ever before for customers from Intel. The 7 series are conceived for the range of processors of Intel including/understanding Celeron, Pentium, dig family 2 and the nearest 45nm Intel Penryn. The simple solution of piece also supports the output of HDMI or DVI to allow the playback of the digital contents protected directly from the PC high definition televisions and with other of postings.

Integrated graphs are more �good enough � for the traditional applications that, known as drew Henry, managing director of the businesses of MCP with NVIDIA. Windows Vista opened the consumer the 'eyes of S to an entirely new visual experiment. We are enthusiastic that our customers will be able to now arm the power with the graphs of NVIDIA and of the compatibility of application and to have exceptional experience of PC imports only their budget of the prices or envisaged use of application is.

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