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Intel Unleashes Conroe: X6800 and E6700 Reviewed

Manufacturer: Intel
Product: Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 and E6700 Processors
Date: Wed, Jul 12, 2006 - 10:00 PM
Written By: Nathan Kirsch -
Price: Current Pricing

Let Me Introduce The New King Of The Hill: Conroe

Let begin my stating to me that AMD was the processor to be had for gamers and enthusiasts above the last years without any doubt. When Intel launched the core of Prescott you could literally feel the breeze caused by consumers going of the camp of boy of ventilator of Intel at the side of AMD. Prescott from Intel faimly of the processors were permeable and I even published the temperatures of examination of Prescott of article almost three years ago explaining why the central temperatures were high. Was time the original core of Prescott launched until the end of him? the life of S the updates that Intel makes with the core were nothing less than narcotic. The initial processor of Prescott that I reviewed behind in 2004 was nothing like their last principal update core Prescott one year in the month later in 2005. By adding more L2 hiding-place, the support of the increased technology of memory 64 (EM64T), carry out the little of d�bronchement, and the combination of EIST (increased technology of Intel Speedstep), of C1E (increased state of halt), and of TM2 (thermal monitor 2) that updated Prescott resembled finally a processor of production of Intel. The only problem was the fact that one year was passed and since the enthusiasts improve more once annually this were not a good movement for Intel. While Intel was occupied updating their lines of office of processor, AMD was occupied with the play catches up with and the consumers jumped the boat.

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

Early this Intel decade had the wire of execution and the processors of Intel came to a premium from the prices consequently. Thanks to this AMD was maintained alive as of the access by evaluating their traditional processors of Athlon XP to $100 close relations and their market consisted mainly of devoted enthusiasts and gamers seeking the execution on a budget. I was one of these consumers back in day and noted that the first processors of Athlon XP allowed large overclocking while having opened multipliers (TEAR my liked progression 1600+ of Athlon XP AGOIA). Such are the days when Via KT333 the chipsets were the tiddlywinks to be had and having the yelling ones of delta of 80mm were in thing. When AMD did it move more in Athlon which 64 series they placed the controller of memory on the processor itself and their new core it proved to be faster than Intel? processors of S in a certain number of scenarios of evaluation, particularly when it came to the execution from play. AMD saw that what groups to them of consumers the main thing made with their processors and answered with a blow outside blow at one time when Intel supported a permeable processor which came at a higher price. AMD Athlon 64 processors was crowned the central processing unit of treatment to have when it came to the computers from play and the consumers were been willing to pay no matter what the price to have one.

The next race for the two companies of processor was race of marathon to have processors of duel-core. Intel gained the race by bolting two processors of Prescott together, which to date leaves us wondering whether it were worth it, but it is water under the bridge now. Did AMD leave with their duel-core X2 dubed by processors 'sA little later and had again the execution to swindle more Intel? processors of duel-core of S. AMD could ensure the wire of the market in sales of processor and the days of the cheap processors of AMD with freed multipliers were of an end of the business to other long gone. AMD was now leans the average combat machine in green and started to give at Intel a taste as of what it feels to be in the second place on the market of processor.

When you time exhausted with the top and tasted the victory which it starts from a soft land-mark taste in your mouth. He 's which the soft taste left in your mouth that you wants behind and people at Intel just started to recover their spot on the mountain. Just this Intel week took the crown of AMD to be the processor of the number one in the market with the detail of the United States for June and that the 's with the line of processor in the course of exploitation!

Today, Intel presents their Conroe processor called of next generation. This processor had the majority of exaggeration which I ever saw and honeslty I jump well outside and indicates that it doesn 'to fail of T to impress. You rest behind and seize one pint or the and examine what just could be the next processor in your computing system.

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