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The EEMBC® consortium is the only independent source for certified embedded compiler performance comparisons

EEMBC, the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium, develops and certifies real-world benchmarks and benchmark scores to help designers select the right embedded processors for their systems. Every processor submitted for EEMBC® benchmarking is tested for up to 46 different parameters, each representing a different workload and capability in telecom, networking, consumer, office automation, and automotive industrial applications. With members including more than 40 of the world's leading semiconductor, intellectual property, and compiler companies, EEMBC establishes benchmark standards and provides certified benchmarking results through the EEMBC Certification Labs (ECL) in Texas and California." -www.eembc.com

Green Hills Optimizing Compilers Lead the Market
Green Hills Software has been the leader in embedded optimizing compiler technology for the last twenty-five years. Using the world's most advanced compiler technology, Green Hills Software has dominated the EEMBC benchmarks from their introduction in 1999. We implement all of the most advanced optimization techniques used by competing compilers. But in addition, our optimizing compilers offer hundreds of unique optimizations that we have developed as a result of twenty-five years of research into how to extract the highest possible performance and the smallest possible memory size from thousands of embedded programs.

Using the Green Hills optimizing compilers included with the MULTI software development environment most programs can be made to run at least 20% faster than if compiled with a "free" GNU compiler. Green Hills optimizing compilers consistently beat all other compilers on the EEMBC benchmarks.
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March 21, 2007:
EEMBC Adopts DoubleCheck™ For Its Industry-Standard Processor Benchmarks - Green Hills Software’s Static Analysis Tool Increases Code Quality
“DoubleCheck has performed as well as other significantly more expensive source code analyzer products on the market,” commented Shay Gal-On, chief software engineer, EEMBC. “We were impressed with DoubleCheck’s ability to detect a wide range of software flaws, its low false positive rate, its execution time performance, and the intuitive format and usability of its reports.” (click here to read more)
July 11, 2005:
EEMBC Announces Benchmark Scores for AMCC’s PowerPC® 440EP Processor
"When you combine the performance of AMCC's 440EP processor with the efficiency of Green Hills compilers, the results are impressive," said Markus Levy, EEMBC president. "These scores will provide designers with additional objective data to help in selecting the optimal processor for their given application." (Click here to read more)
April 26, 2004:
Freescale Semiconductor Selects Green Hills Software’s Compilers to Certify Their Highest PowerPC Scores Ever
Green Hills compilers surpassed competitors' compilers on benchmarks conducted by IBMR and certified by EEMBCR Certification LabsT (ECL). The certified scores show Green Hills Software's C/C++ compilers lead the pack on 14 out of 15 performance benchmarks, some by 20%, for the IBM PowerPCR 405GPr and 440GP processors.

Green Hills Software's compilers produced faster code than compilers from GNU, Wind River Systems (Diab) and Metaware. Moreover, these "out of the box" scores were produced by production-level Green Hills products shipping today to customers.

"With Green Hills Software's compilers, our PowerPC 440GP processor exceeded all other System-on-Chip processors on four of the five EEMBC benchmark suites," said Kalpesh Gala, PowerPC strategic marketing Manager at IBM Microelectronics. "EEMBC benchmarks are based on real-world code that indicates how our PowerPC 405GPr and 440GP processors work in our customers' applications. Add these to the latest results on our 405GPr processor, and Green Hills Software's compilers produced the best results on 14 out of 15 of our EEMBC benchmarks."
Freescale Semiconductor chose the Green Hills C/C++ compilers to achieve record-setting performance with the PowerPC MPC7447A processor families on benchmarks. With the publication of these results certified by EEMBC Certification Laboratories, the Green Hills C/C++ compilers gain the distinction of producing the highest out-of-box scores in every EEMBC category. (Click here to read more)
Feb 18, 2003:
Green Hills Software's PowerPC Compiler Performance Dominates EEMBC Field

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